Friday, May 11, 2012

Results don't matter- politics do

Needless to say, my exposure of the Walker Administration's fake budget surplus went to the back of line last night. After this meeting with billionaire heiress Diane Hendricks (an "entrepreneur" who made her money the old-fashioned way- her husband died in an accident and she inherited the company). Let's just say we'd better hear the words "Divide and Conquer" a lot in the next 25 days, OK? If so, the good guys can seal Scott Walker's fate with a kiss.

It is shockingly reminiscent of the David Koch call last year, where Walker also kissed up to a billionaire donor (or at least someone he thought was a billionaire donor) and explained in hubris-filled statements how he was planning to trick people to gain political power, and asked for some kind of "support" from the donor going forward. What a toolbox.

The same secret-society, "politics first and foremost" philosophy goes along with exempting police and fire unions from Act 10, and start listening to around 2:00 in this interview 1670 AM radio host Sly had with Madison Firefighters union president Joe Conway. Conway says that Walker dropped by Madison Local 311 during the 2010 campaign and told the union's executive board that he was going to exempt police and fire fighters because "you guys are important." Walker did this because he wanted the fire fighters' endorsement, NOT because Walker actually valued police and fire fighters as a protected class, and Conway rightfully understands that Walker would turn his back on the fire fighters the first chance he got (and indirectly did by screwing over local communities by reducing shared revenues).

Walker and WisGOP also used political gain as their motivation behind voter ID (because it directly was aimed at college students and low-income minorities in cities - both of whom trend Democratic), and the cutting of public education plays into this as well, because it will diminish the value and quality of public education, and push more people to the private and religious schools that line GOP pockets. They don't care about clean elections or improving educational outcomes. If they did, they'd set money aside for a computer database that poll workers could check off as soon as someone registered at the polls, and they'd demand full accountability measures for the private schools just like the public schools, because they'd want to see if it was working. It's all about the power and the money. PERIOD.

Another GOP scumbag who's facing the voters on June 5 gave away this game last March, when Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald admitted on Fox News in March 2011 that Act 10 wasn't about balancing the budget (and it hasn't).

But more than that, it shows that Walker modus operandi has never been trying to improve Wisconsin's economy or quality of life. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE POWER. Notice that Walker gives the answer about supporting right-to-work-for-less as a ways to "make Wisconsin a red state." The thinking is if you denigrate unions and take away their ability to raise funds and get boots on the ground, then Democrats will suffer if they're running for election because one of their sources of support isn't there.

And it illustrates the real reason Walker and Fitzgerald and other GOPs have been recalled, because they have represented a NATIONAL agenda generated out Washington D.C. and Wall Street that has nothing to do with the people of Wisconsin, except that we are being used as the guinea pigs in this political game. What they have done is treasonous, and not done to improve the results for the state of Wisconsin in any way. And that's why they and the self-absorbed trash that support these corrupt power-brokers in Fitzwalkerstan must be removed, because they do not care about bringing this state forward, or helping anyone who is not part of their rich, connected little cult.


  1. I LOVE your stuff. You really are in an alternate reality. That is why it is going to be extra sweet when Walker wins the recall by a comfortable margin.

  2. Care to say why I'm in an
    "alternate reality," MD? (which I'm guessing doesn't stand for "Doctor")

  3. Well, if you consider destroying services and driving down salaries and home values while driving up job losses a "success", I'd consider that to be a valid Walker acheivement. But as a decent human being, I don't think those are goals worth pursuing.

    Oh wait, you work for a right-wing POLLING FIRM and are paid to lie and make shit up for a living (I bet you have no cross-tabs for your "polol", but you think the media will run with it uncritically). Nice job skills, I'm sure you add a lot to society.

    See, as a left-winger who exists in the liberally-biased fact-based world, I have to use facts and evidence, or else lose the argument. You on the other hand exist in Walker World, where you think you can get away with blanket statements and garbage that have nothing backing them up.

    Too bad for you the real world ain't AM 620 or AM 1130 or some propaganda machine, and you need to actually use reality to refute what I say. But since you're apparently incapable of that level of analysis, it explains why you settled for being a Koch-sucker instead of something productive.

    Kinda like no-talent grifters such as heiress Diane Hendricks and Scott Walker, now that you think about it.

  4. Wow,sounds like the trolls have gotten a hold of this blog. Which in RWNJ world, means I'm hitting the mark.

    Welcome aboard, read up over the last few months. You out-of-staters might learn something over the next three weeks about our state of Wisconsin.

    You can start by reading the posts mentioning that school property tax rates went up by 0.08 this year and school cutbacks are much worse than previous years, even with Act 10 put in.
    I just go with the numbers, and you don't get to debate that reality. As mentioned, you may be all about politics, but your results are FAILURES.

  5. Jake - Can you answer my 2 questions?:

    Why should public unions be exempt from the real economic problems everybody else faces?

    When does the money run out for ever-increasing salaries and benefits?

  6. Why should I answer your questions? They're not questions, they're false talking points, and not on topic.

    Bottom line- Walker's policies are not about results, they're about power. Deny it all you want, but we know better. And if you stay off-topic, your posts will be gone.

    P.S. Don't create new profiles, make the same posts, post from the same place, and then claim not to be trolls or sock puppets. It's insulting to me and should be embarrassing to you.

  7. Jake

    You control the front page posts. We now own the comments section. You work for us.

  8. See, you turn the mirror on whiny Koch trolls, and they turn into adolescents. Ah, I can remember being an obnoxious twit like this....when I was 13.

    The First Amendment keeps you from being thrown in JAIL, it doesn't free you from responsibility for what you say, nor does it allow you to say it anywhere you want. Kinda like Scott Walker, you don't get a free pass from beng held accountable for lying and making an ass out of yourself. You'll learn that lesson around your junior and senior year in Social Studies class.