Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Walker "own goals" again- exposing failed and expensive Corrections policies

Trailing in the polls, our Fair Governor went to what will likely be the default tactic of many Republicans over these next 3 months - race-baiting and authoritarianism.

Niiice, bring out the union chief of a Police Department that's being sued for jumping Milwaukee Bucks player Sterling Brown in a parking lot, and last month made taxpayers shell out $3.4 million for unlawfully profiling people of color at traffic stops over several years.

Disgusting enough, but then Scotty openened up his mouth even more.

In addition to the obvious dog-whistle from Walker that implies people in prison are subhuman and not worthy of attention, it's also a major dereliction of duty. Because an allegedly "frugal, fiscal conservative" like Walker should care deeply about what's happening at the prisons, and not just because the state had to settle a lawsuit of their own for nearly $19 million earlier this year due to negligence at the Copper Hills juvenile facility.

Even reporters in the state's usually pro-Walker media gave Walker's "no value" response a "WTF?"

To be precise, Wisconsin's Corrections system will cost state taxpayers more than $1.2 billion in this fiscal year. It's truly amazing that Walker doesn't seem to care about what's going on in a department that big. And if you look at information in the state's Annual Fiscal Report and the amounts allocated for similar programs in the 2017-19 state budget, you'll see that the amount spent on corrections keeps going up. To the point that what Wisconsin taxpayers pay for our prisons is now significantly more than what we pay for the UW System.

Also notice that what we pay for a handful of property credits also has surpassed the taxpayer investment in the UW System. Nice priorities, ain't it?

And instead of dragging down Democratic candidates with his stunt today, Walker seemed to unite them and give them a chance to call out Walker's expensive and failed policies in Corrections.

And perhaps this statement sums it up best.

Yep, and today's epically failed attempt at a fear-mongering dog whistle is the mark of a losing GOP candidate like Scott Walker in 2018.


  1. Of course there's no value to visiting prisons for Walker, felons can't vote.

    1. They don't give campaign donations, either. But the private prison industry sure does, and they will gladky step in to handle any "overflow" at taxpayer expense.

  2. Everything about that event was 100% pure, unadulterated Scott Walker: calling a press conference which is really nothing more than a free political campaign ad...posting big, scary mug shots...and telling voters “If you vote for my Democratic opponent, they will unleash murderers and rapists to run rampant in the streets” has been par for the course for Walker for more than two decades. Not surprising in the least.

    What breaks my heart, though, is that standing next to him was a man who is not only a police officer but a union president saying basically, “Yes, that’s true. Trust this man. Be scared.”

    I know the Milwaukee Police Department has a bad track record with minorities, but do they really endorse having Mr. Crivello, one of their leaders, nodding as the governor proclaims that prisoners are worthless and unworthy of attention?

    And yes, the police union was purposely spared from the union-busting Governor’s wrecking ball...but how can the president of ANY union stand there next to that heartless, soulless slime ball who gutted the incomes of hard-working middle class public servants like them? It just sickens me.