Monday, January 9, 2012

A few other links

Wanted to give some props to good work by others who have cited my work in the past.

1.Phil Scarr and Lisa Mux go undercover among the scariest of Wisconsinites, the losers who would attend an Americans for Prosperity Rally in Walkershaw. With a special appearance by Tim Russell's buddy, Mark (Banned from Wisconsin Politics) Block!

2. Here's a great catch by James Rowen showing how the Wisconsin Builders' Association has its fingerprints all over the foolish mining bill, and is working in tandem with GOP legislators to try to jam it through.

3. And here is Illy-T with an excellent smackdown of Marquette Law School prof and right-wing affirmative action hire Rick Esenberg, as well as the requisite call-out of Journal Communications for giving him a megaphone he does not deserve.

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