Tuesday, January 17, 2012

This recall just isn't going to win itself!

Obviously, this is an historic day up here. I figured there'd be a lot of signatures to get Scott Walker, Becky Kleefisch and 4 GOP Senators, and it would exceed the threshholds to force an election by a convincing amount. But ONE MILLION SIGNATURES??? That even went past my best expectations. Not that I didn't know this movement was real, but it shows how wide the support is- it's not just a bunch of hippies on Willy Street.

But you know, this is merely Step 1, and we still have to actually defeat Walker in the inevitable election later this year. And Walker continued on his defense of his seat in the Governor's Chair by.... retreating into Bubbleworld.
Walker was in New York on Tuesday, attending a fundraiser. Ciara Matthews, his campaign spokeswoman, said he was "completely booked for the day" and unavailable for comment. But the governor did make time to speak to conservative radio hosts Charlie Sykes and Rush Limbaugh.
Guess we know who Scotty's listening to, and they sure ain't anyone that works for a living in the state of Wisconsin. But hey, at least the NYC oligarch he's getting cash from is a legitimate job creator, right?...Oh wait, you're telling me it's Maurice "Hank" Greenberg, who did this in 2009?
The Securities and Exchange Commission said [September 6] that former American International Group Inc. CEO Maurice "Hank" Greenberg agreed to pay a $15 million fine to settle fraud charges.

The charges are tied to an accounting scandal earlier this decade at AIG that led to Greenberg's ouster in 2005. The following year, AIG paid more than $1.6 billion to settle charges of improper accounting.

The case is unrelated to the government bailout of AIG< which is in the process of trying to sell off assets to pay off the $182.5 billion in loans it has received since last September.
Hmmm, I'm sure THAT will help Walker seem like he's not an oligarhcial puppet that's out of touch with the average Wisconsinite. Maybe saying "I'm not with Scott Walker" IS going to be all a Dem needs.

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