Wednesday, January 25, 2012

State of the State- Wisconsin is still Number One!

I was waiting for the state report from the BLS which finally came out this week before I commented on another month of Wisconsin job losses in December. But again, it confirms that Wisconsin is staying on top in the U.S.A....for job losses since Walker's budget became law 6 months ago.

Top job losses, July-December 2011
Wisconsin - 35,600
Missouri - 19,200
Georgia -9,400
Rhode Island -6,800
Montana -2,300

And the BLS followed up with a year-long report showing that Wisconsin fell down to 44th among the states in private sector job creation for the first full year of Fitzwalkerstan.

Yet Walker's State of the State address is titled "Wisconsin is Heading in the Right Direction." Between the horrible job performance and Fitz's warning about the next budget being worse than this one's, how can Walker believe that this is true. Of course, the answer is that he doesn't believe, but that he thinks he can get over on enough dead-end rubes that he can trick them into voting him back into office.

And despite what that absurd Marquette Law poll says today, he is wrong. All we have to do is stay steadfast and beam our message of truth over the right-wing lie machine. Spin may work for winning arguments, but lies eventually catch up to you, no matter who you are. And lying against simple math isn't a good way to get anyone's trust.

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