Sunday, January 29, 2012

Walkergate- sometimes others say it better

While I also have plenty of thoughts related to the arrests of two more major Walker aides in the last week, but other than to say the words "destruction of digital evidence" probably means there's a LOT more to come out, I'll hold off for now.

Instead, I'll forward you to Jud Lounsbury's excellent work showing Walker aide Tim Russell was working outside of Walker's County Exec's office when Walker sent the "smoking gun" email of "We can't have this happen laptops, no websites." If Russell was out of the County Exec's office in May 2010, why was he being ordered to tell County Exec staff to cut it off? Ruh roh!

I'll also direct you to Capper's excellent rundown of the John Doe charges, as he has been on this case for a long time, and he hints at a lot more to come.

And despite Walker's "I am not a crook" protestations, those of us who weren't born last night can put together the fact that he hired a Caucus scandal crook in Kelly Rindfleisch in early 2010 for a plum taxpayer-funded job, and she admitted in webchats that "half my job is policy for the (GOP guv and Lt. Gov) campaign." You'd have to be a damned fool not to know that campaign work and meetings with donors were the main part of Tim Russell's and Kelly Rindfleisch's real jobs. It's just a matter of who the Milwaukee County DA's office indentifies as the connections.

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