Monday, January 2, 2012

These Roses really smell

Well, I just got back from watching the Rose Bowl downtown, and needless to say, I AM INCENSED. Bad missed tackles on big plays, idiotic, childish TOs n plays that won't be replayed, and inexcusable mistakes in key moments tend not to win you big games when they matter. I'm tempted to just accept that my alma mater at UW-Madison may have national title talent, but will never have the intangibles or abilities to take it all the way.

I'm just glad the 20 people reading this know me as the 37-year-old Jake, which means after this initial rage wears off in a couple of hours, this will be more like my attitude.

Which is probably better than my early-20s something attitude, even though it does sum up my feelings toward Bret Bielema and discussing this giveaway of a game right now. (yeah, the languagre is NSFW, as is what's going through my head)

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