Sunday, March 13, 2016

Elizabeth Warren tells it like it is on (mo)Ron Johnson, GOP

Now THIS is how Dems need to talk like. And no surprise, it's U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren showing the way, ripping the GOP for saying they will refuse to vote for President Obama's Supreme Court nominees, and how Mitch McConnell and company have done nothing but try to make all sections of government dysfunctional. This is an outstanding interview with Rachel Maddow, where Warren lays out in detail how the GOP has, in Sen. Warren's own words "Try to deny the legitimacy of this president," and how that mentality has led to wack jobs like Donald Drumpf Trump and Ted Cruz to lead the GOP primaries for president.

In addition, Sen. Warren gives a nice name-check on our own Senator Ron Johnson (at around 6:50), relating to (mo)Ron's gaffe where admitted that he would allow a vote if a Republican president put up a Republican Supreme Court nominee, and was only refusing a vote because President Obama would be the one to make the nomination.

Although I would disagree with one item Sen. Warren says in that interview. (mo)Ron Johnson is not in a "hotly contested" election. Russ Feingold is up double digits, has been up double digits for months, and I can't see any amount of money that can be thrown out there that will convince Wisconsinites to vote to keep that foolish (mo)Ron in power after November 2016.

Is it still too late to start up "Draft Warren 2016?" I'm convinced she'd win 40 states if this actually happened.

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