Saturday, March 26, 2016

Well that wasn't a fun ending

Still a bit stunned over the collapse by UW at the end of their game with Notre Dame, where they somehow got outscored 8-0 in 20 seconds to go from being up 3 to losing by 5. I'd be taking it a lot worse if I hadn't lived through the great success of the last 2 years, and the knowledge that this team overachieved this year, really wasn't that great, and should be a top 10 team next year if everyone comes back (Nigel, stay in school. Please).

Now, I'm just cleaning up a couple of things, gonna enjoy some sunshine and warmer termps, and get ready to see Bernie this afternoon. However, I'm not understanding the point of opening doors to the Dane County Coliseum at 1pm when Bernie won't speak until at least 5. I'm guessing those that planned to see the speech at 1 aren't going to be very happy about it.

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