Friday, March 18, 2016

Madness of March takes precedence over RW whining

If you were expecting lots of serious talk yesterday and today, you're probably in the wrong place. It's March Madness time, and I'm preferring to hit the bars and watch some hoops over dealing with the dullness and infuriation of everyday life.

Doesn't mean I'm not noticing things, though. Such as this, where "Justice" Rebecca Bradley is playing victim in an (AM?) radio ad, then calls on Sheriff Tommy Clarke as a voice of endorsement. Y'know, WisGOP, if you don't want people to think that Trump = GOP, you may not to want to scream "BIASED" when the media does a rare act of holding you accountable for the things you said, and you may not want to have a homophobic Fox News token doing ads for your hand-picked Supreme Court candidate. I'm just sayin'.

And by the way, nice touch to have Tommy claim "the liberals have the media in their back pocket" when he and Becky Bradley are constantly given free air time on AM radio and column inches in right-wing propaganda "news sites" (or via GOPuthpieces like Chrissy Schneider). Apparently, those outlets aren't "media". Or maybe that's a little Freudian "tell" there- that AM620, 1130 and White Wisconsin are lie factories, and not legitimate.

Time to see Bucky take it to Pitt tonight (at least I think they will), and perhaps see if UWGB looks respectable against Texas A&M. And of course, enjoy the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

Talk to you later this weekend, all.


  1. Wait a second -- who's this Tommy Clarke you keep on talking about? You mean Sheriff Dave (or Davey if we've being all cheaply diminutive) Clarke, right? Token Milwaukee County public servant, LEO, all-around right wing pundit and attention-seeking jerk?

    The Madness must really be upon you if you messed that one up. Let us hope it is still upon all of us Badgers and Phoenix fans this time next week, and the week after that!

    1. Oh no. Clarke is Tommy. And he gets a lot of airtime from Cholly for being Tommy Clarke, and he will get a lot of wingnut welfare after he leaves the Sheriff's Office to play Tommy