Sunday, September 10, 2017

All but 1 WIsGOP in Congress voted AGAINST storm aid this week

As Irma pounds onto both coasts of Florida, Congress was voting this week on assistance to help repairs from the previous massive storm- Harvey in Texas and Louisiana. This bill was tied in to a 3-month increase in the country's debt ceiling, and the vote came after President Trump sided with Democratic leaders in Congress for the short-term debt ceiling increase, resulting in an interesting Dem vs GOP breakdown in the vote.
The House on Friday overwhelmingly backed the Senate's version of a bill raising the nation's borrowing limit for three months, funding the government and providing $15.3 billion in aid for victims of Hurricane Harvey.

The final count was 316 to 90. The motion received unanimous support from Democrats and from more than 130 Republicans.
Hilariously, the agreement and vote came right after House Speaker Paul Ryan said a short-term debt limit increase "ridiculous". He also made the incredibly cynical comment about members of Congress "playing politics with the debt ceiling"- a maneuver that never existed under Ryan and his fellow Teabag GOPs started messing with it in the 2010s.

In Ryan's typically cowardly fashion, he used his position as Speaker to avoid a vote on the Harvey aid/debt ceiling package. And it turned out that only 1 of the 5 Republicans "representing" Wisconsin in the House of Representatives voted to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey,as the roll call of the vote showed.

Democrats — Kind, Y; Moore, Y; Pocan, Y.

Republicans — Duffy, N; Gallagher, N; Grothman, Y; Ryan, X (the speaker by tradition often does not vote); Sensenbrenner, N.
Seriously, GLENN FREAKING GROTHMAN is the one WisGOP in Congress to do the right thing here?

In the Senate, 17 GOP senators voted against the bill, and guess who was on that list of shame.
Republicans No

Corker, Tenn.; Daines, Mont.; Enzi, Wyo.; Ernst, Iowa; Fischer, Neb.; Flake, Ariz.; Graham, S.C.; Grassley, Iowa; Johnson, Wis.; Lankford, Okla.; Lee, Utah; McCain, Ariz.; Moran, Kan.; Paul, Ky.; Risch, Idaho; Sasse, Neb.; Toomey, Pa.

As James Rowen points out at The Political Environment, Johnson explained his vote this way
"My vote was not against the victims of Harvey and Irma," Johnson said. "I would have voted for that stuff in a heartbeat. My vote was against an increase in the debt ceiling with nothing attached to it."
Nice priorities (mo)Ron. So much for believing in JFK's statement of "Pay any price, bear any burden."

Can you people in outstate Wisconsin and suburban Milwaukee stop voting for these a-holes? PLEASE?

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