Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Who needs due process when you have a Fox-con to jam through?

Hate to say I called this. But I did.

I can't believe that the GOPs on Joint Finance could make the Fox-con even worse. But they're apparently doing so.
Ahead of the committee's Tuesday vote on the bill authored by Gov. Scott Walker, lawmakers added a new provision that would require parties of lawsuits related to the Foxconn project to appeal circuit court decisions directly to the Supreme Court, bypassing state appeals courts. The lower court's decision would be automatically stayed if it is appealed under the proposal, too.

The new provision is another way Wisconsin lawmakers are proposing to speed up the process to get the proposed 20 million-square foot facility off the ground. The Foxconn incentive package proposed by Walker also includes exemptions from sales taxes and environmental regulations, which could eliminate delays to the construction process related to state environmental officials analyzing the project's effects on air, water and land quality in the area Foxconn will build.
Oh, so the Wisconsin Supreme Court will decide on whether Foxconn is breaking state laws on the environment? The same Wisconsin Supreme Court with a majority of "Justices" bought by Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce and the Dairy Business Association in no small part because they wouldn't enforce environmental laws? And that majority wouldn't go away until 2020 at the earliest, when the environmental damage from the Foxconn facility would already be done.

This is total Banana Republic-an crap, is likely unconstitutional for having two sets of laws and processes in the state (one for the Foxconn zone, and one for the rest of Wisconsin), and shows that there are two goals to legislation like the Fox-con and the Mining Bill.

1. A great way to solicit and then kick back campaign donations to certain connected corporations.

2. A back-door way to gut and change environmental laws and working conditions.

We are run by the worst elements of GOP thuggery in this state. It puts me somewhere between laughing or shooting at this point (except these slugs aren't worth going to prison over).

EDIT- Looks like State Rep. Jimmy Anderson thought of the same thing I did.

Total hack AG Brad Schimel will claim he'll "uphold the law" and stand by as SE Wisconsin becomes a cesspool, and you know the Trump/Pruitt EPA won't do shit either, and. This Fox-con will prove to be literally sickening.

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