Wednesday, September 13, 2017

You thought we had a finished budget? Not with this GOP ship of fools!

What a complete clown show at the Capitol. On a day where the Assembly debated finally passing a state budget that is already 2 1/2 months overdue, check out the following exchanges.

First of all, it looks like we are still a distance away from a final agreement, since the WisGOPs can't find 17 of 20 senators to go for this.

But Assembly Speaker Robbin' Vos apparently was done with waiting, and the little guy decided to puff his chest out and show Fitz who was boss.

And while the Assembly GOP has put together a $5 million Medicaid spending boost and a few pork items in an amendment today, there is no change in the basic framework that was in the JFC's approved document.

Which means that it's going to be up to Senate to go along with the bill, or make changes that the Assembly has to sign off on. And if this tweet is any indication, they haven't figured out which option to take.

And if they don't have 17 votes in the Senate for the current budget, what's going to have to be changed to come up with a document that passes?

Meanwhile, schools and caregivers and highway workers around the state wait for the budget to become law, so they can actually get the increased funds and higher rates of reimbursement that they were promised. What a waste, but what do you expect from a GOP that is based out of hate and special-interest kickbacks over actual governing?


  1. So, let's hope Dems can respond to this dire, screw-us-all, situation.

    Senator Vinehout, from my mother's neck of the woods, explains what we all need to realize looking forward (

    Life at 20th & Center Milwaukee are in many ways not that different than Trempealeauw Ettrick.

    1. Vinehout's column is really good, because it shows how GOPs work with lobbyists and corporate contributors, and completely ignore the wishes of their constituents and local governments.

      And this corruption only ends when voters make them pay a price for it.