Friday, September 8, 2017

In case you missed it- Wisconsin still missing the "gold standard" in job growth

While the budget was being wrapped up this week, we also got another report from the “gold standard” Quarterly Census on Employment and Wages (QCEW). As you’ll see, the news inside of the report was largely insignificant, as it showed Wisconsin again in the bottom half of job growth, with the gains being spread unevenly throughout the state.

Inside the state, it’s us crazy socialist hippies in the Madison area leading the way for the state yet again when it comes to adding jobs outside of government. In addition to Dane County, private sector job growth was heavily contained to highly populated metro areas, with 6 counties accounting for more than half of the state’s new jobs.

Private sector job growth, Mar 2016- Mar 2017
Dane County +4,606
Waukesha Co. +3,844
Kenosha Co. +2,316
Brown County +1,785
Outagamie Co. +1,374
Winnebago Co. +1,153
REST OF WIS. +12,519

Notably missing is Milwaukee County, which only added 530 jobs. Which makes me wonder why are we still listening to Tim Sheehy and the rest of the GOP shills at the MMAC for advice on how to grow.

On the other end, 21 of the state’s 72 counties lost private-sector jobs over the last 12 months, with over 1,100 jobs lost in the northeastern counties of Calumet and Manitowoc combined (insert Steven Avery joke here). In fact, Manitowoc County has fewer jobs now than they did 6 years ago, but for some reason, these guys and many other declining rural counties keep Standing with Walker. Just head-shaking stuff.

Looking at the national rankings, Wisconsin ended up 30th in the nation for private sector job growth. Sadly that subpar level is the best it has been since Scott Walker and the Wisconsin GOP have been in power, as Senate Dem Leader Jen Shilling pointed out.

Wisconsin also “improved” to mediocrity compared to its Midwestern neighbors. Instead of residing in its typical spot at or near the cellar, Wisconsin ended up in the middle of the pack for the Midwest for job growth in this 12-month period.

Private sector job growth March 2016- March 2017
Minn +2.2%
Mich +1.9%
Ind. +1.5%
Wis. +1.2%
Ohio +0.8%
Ill. +0.7%
Iowa -0.2%

But that 1.2% is still well below the levels we had 6 years ago, when Act 10 was signed into law, and the overall trend of the last 2 years isn’t going the right way.

And the QCEW confirms one other trend has continued in Wisconsin - low wages.

Average weekly private sector wage, Midwest
Ill. $1,217
Minn $1,171
Mich $1,046
Ohio $973
Wis. $973
Ind. $925
Iowa $893

Average weekly manufacturing wage, Midwest
Ill. $1,463
Mich $1,366
Minn $1,306
Ind. $1,277
Ohio $1,214
Wis. $1,131
Iowa $1,117

So with this record, what kind of bubble is ALEC Queen Leah Vukmir living in when she says she wants to take “the Wisconsin Way” to DC? Lower job growth, repressed wages and a declining quality of life?

No thanks Leah, and one positive of your run is that your bought-off amoral self isn’t “representing” Tosa anymore. Now it’s time to bang Koo-Koo out of office when that Ryan wanna-be inevitably runs for Vukmir’s gerrymandered Senate seat and make it a two-fer. I'm sick of Wisconsin lagging behind under this ALEC Wrecking Crew, and I hope you are too.


  1. I lament for Wisconsin. We are being sold a race to the bottom for wages and benefits. They are recruiting foreign corporations who will give us unfulfilling jobs that require us to work to live (barely). What happened to advancement? What happened to having a little extra for that place up north or that boat? What happened to saving up to further your education or open your own business? What happened to workers and owners being in this together? The GOP in Wisconsin is systematically killing off the American dream and personal ambition.

    1. That's the plan- make us indentured servants of corporate oligarchs and the GOPpuppets in the Capitol.

      And they think we should be thankful and accept this subpar existence. I don't think so.

  2. Why can't Dems speak to that - the fact that GOP is killing the American Dream? How difficult a message is that?

    1. No idea. Especially when it's true. Cutting taxes on the rich and corporate leads to profit-hoarding and suppression,of wage/job growth. It seems obvious if you look at the last 40 years in this country