Monday, April 30, 2012

Double quotable for Milwaukee

Milwaukee Ald. Bob Bauman on Gov. Walker's big press conference claiming $100 million in loans available to "Transform Milwaukee"
“It’s totally phony. WHEDA already does all of those things. If they really want to do something (for Milwaukee) they should restore the transit cuts, restore the education cuts, restore the cuts to shared revenue and stop running Talgo out of town, which is doing business in the 30th Street Industrial Corridor. Just put us back to where we were before. Leave us alone. Then we would be happy.”
And Bauman is no buddy of Tom Barrett's by any stretch of the imagination. I hear what you're saying, Bobby. I hear you.

And speaking of transforming Milwaukee? Remember when Milwaukee was one of the most competitive airports in the U.S. for price and flights for a city of its size. Not anymore, and Frontier's cutting of direct flights to 6 places and its layoff of 125 employees is the next shot to the gut of Mitchell Field.
The move will bring to about 36 the number of employees the airline will have at Milwaukee's Mitchell International Airport, said Lindsey Carpenter, a Frontier spokeswoman. The airline has other employees here who are part of Milwaukee-based flight crews that fly out of other cities, she said.

The only direct flights Frontier will continue to fly out of Milwaukee will be to Denver, Orlando, Washington, D.C. and Rhinelander, Carpenter confirmed. Non-stop service will be cut to New York LaGuardia, Columbus, Indianapolis, Nashville, Omaha and Pittsburgh, she said.

The regional jets that were used on many of those routes will be put into service in other markets where there are "better options" for partner agreements, Carpenter said.
Huh, you mean when Scott Walker allowed of AirTran to expand their share at Mitchell Field in exchange for "sponsoring" his campaign trip bike ride throughout Wisconsin has after-effects that hurt Milwuakee flyers long-term? Who'd a thunk it?

Oh wait, I did. And as an extra bonus, you get to see Walkergate criminal Tim Russell in his previous gig, rocking an AirTran jacket.

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