Sunday, April 1, 2012

An important announcement at the Funhouse...

Apparently I have more fans than I thought, as I had the following item emailed over to me Friday morning. It took me a couple of days to decide whether to go public with this exciting news, but what the hell.

I've noticed your blog posts over the last few months regarding Wisconsin's atrocious performance under that fascist bastard Scott Walker, and I wanted to have you on Monday's show to explain these statistics further. On the eve of the Wisconsin presidential primary, there are occasional mentions of Scott Walker's reforms and the GOP presidential field's support of those policies, but there has been scant mention of the fact that Wisconsin continues to be last in job growth and was last in 4th Quarter income growth. I think exposing this horrible performance of Wisconsin under Walker could be of serious interest to our viewers, and could get picked up by more national media to illustrate the disastrous effects of these Koch/ALEC-driven policies.

Please call my producer _______ at 212-XXX-XXXX, and we will try to set something up early Monday afternoon.

Keith Olbermann

P.S. Braun should be fine this year (love his focus and plate dscipline now). Gamel's really got some serious shoes to step into at first base after the loss of Fielder, but if Marcum can stay reasonably healthy and effective, Greinke step up to his Cy Young form in a contract year, and with a back-end bullpen of Rodriguez and Axford, the Brewers should remain serious contenders. I picked them to go all the way last year at the start of the 2011 playoffs for a reason. Of course, a Morgan meltdown or another Weeks injury would be a distinct possibility, and I'd change that opinion at that time.

Sweet! I'm going to be on Countdown at 7pm Wisconsin time on Monday, so you get to see the killer face behind these posts. And we finally will have the national media find out more about the brutal record of Wisconsin under Scott Walker. And maybe someone other than our 5-10 faithful readers will know the brilliance that happens inside the Funhouse doors!

Oh wait, there might be a hangup? Olbermann's fired and replaced by Eliot Spitzer??? And Spitzer's first show will clean the slate of all pre-scheduled interviews? DAMMIT!

Happy April 1, everybody.

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