Thursday, April 26, 2012

Drafting a few notes and heading south

Getting ready to head out and watch the NFL draft the best way I know how. Drinking with friends in a bar and ripping the picks. I'm just looking for the Pack to get some kind of defensive impact guy, either a rush end to help Claymaker, or even a good safety to replace Nick Collins (Charlie Peprah and what they have now isn't going to cut it in the 2012 NFL). Also intersted in seeing if Konz or Zeitler (or both) go somewhere tonight, or if it's tomorrow.

Then it's off to the road to St. Louis for family items this weekend, and maybe see if the Brewers can get themselves on track and make up some ground, so that means a lot less blogging for the next 3 days. With my luck, that means John Doe breaks (or the Philly Fed survey shows Wisconsin goes into the red for the next 6 months), but I'll be back by the end of the weekend, so all 5 of you who regularly read can get your latest installment of "As Fitzwalkerstan Turns and Burns."

See ya on the other side, everybody.

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