Monday, April 30, 2012

Say this about our economic performance- it's consistent

Wanted to follow up on last week's report of the Philly Fed's read on how the states' economies are doing, which showed Wisconsin trailing every state in the Midwest and the U.S. economy as a whole over the last 3 months, and put it together with Friday's Leading Index report, which measures the next 6 months. You'll find that the trend looks quite familiar.

Yep, Wisconsin's the standout in the Midwest again, as the only state in the light green with all the other states predicted to grow twice as fast as Wisconsin for the next 6 months. The report says Wisconsin's economy is slated to remain tepid, with only 1.14% growth projected between now and September, below the U.S. rate of 1.71%, and nearly cut in half from the amounts that the Walker Administration was bragging about 6 weeks ago. In fact, when you put the leading index numbers together with what's happened in the 14 months of the Walker Administration, Wisconsin's will fall even further behind our neighbors in the coming months.

Projected total growth, Jan 2011- Sept. 2012
Mich 9.11%
Ohio 8.92%
Ind. 7.53%
Ill. 6.61%
Iowa 5.88%
Minn 5.44%
U.S. 5.16%
Wis. 1.75%

And none of the nearly $9 million of out-of-state money sent to Scott Walker in the last 4 months changes that reality (h/t One Wisconsin Now for the map). Walker's economic failure has already set this state back a far ways from our neighbors, and if it isn't ended now, the damage will become too much to make up.

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