Sunday, April 15, 2012

Great moments in J-S false equivalence

Great catch by Man MKE at Uppity Wisconsin, who catches the Journal-Sentinel trying to portray yesterday's Koch-funded Tea Party rally as being as big as the anti-Walker rally last month. The Journal-Sentinel article claims "several thousand" attended Saturday's rally, but this picture seems to indicate differently.

Now, compare that with another rally attended by "several thousand"- the anti-Walker rally last month in the same place. With similar sunny weather.

And that's the street level- where the Bagger rally couldn't even reach. Interestingly, the J-S isn't carrying a wide-angle "up top" picture like that on the Tea Party rally. Makes you wonder why, eh?

Oh, but the J-S will continue that the recall movement and the Tea Party movement are equally intense and worthy of coverage, just like they did last year when the Baggers were outnumbered 20 to 1 at their own rally. Suuuuure they're equal. The J-S just keeps getting themselves closer to being Occupied with this act.

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