Friday, April 20, 2012

March may have been hot, but Wisc jobs sure were not

Just a quick start on this before I have to get my weekend off to a start, but in light of yesterday's bad March employment report in Wisconsin, where 4,300 private sector jobs were lost and 4,500 overall, looks like I need to update my charts.

First off, here's the private sector chart, which started falling off once Walker's budget was passed in June, and is more than 55,500 jobs behind where we'd be if we were creating jobs at the same steady pace as the rest of the U.S.

Private sector jobs, Wis vs. U.S., 2011-2012

And now here's the overall number, which is down nearly 24,000 jobs since the passing of Act 10 in March 2011, and putting the Walker jobs gap at nearly 64,000 vs. the rest of the nation.

All jobs, Wisconsin vs, U.S., 2011-2012

Anyone who says it's working has to be a making a very sick joke. Unless the goal is disaster capitalism and 3rd World status. Given this crew, I wouldn't doubt if that IS the goal.

Unless we stop it in 46 days, that is. And we have to.

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