Wednesday, September 24, 2014

John Doe back on. DROP THE BOMB

I'm not surprised, but corrupt federal judge Rudolph Randa has been reversed, and John Doe Deux is back on. The key pats to rt in this decision is that not only does the federal appeals court say they think Randa overstepped by trying to stop this investigation, but also the panel brings up that coordination and donation limits are still illegal, even under Citizens United and McCutcheon. Disclosure and direct donations are still items that have a state interest, and good luck having Eric O'Keefe and the oligarchs try to argue otherwise in front of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, when most of the GOP justices owe their current standing to Club for Growth and related right-wing donations. (recusal or recall? You make the call, Justices).

And even without these crooks having to respond to subpeaonae, there should be more than enough evidence to indict these people for illegal coordination and money laundering. Walker may be part of this, or not, but either way, it is well past time to DROP THE BOMB on these bastards, and charge them. And if John Chisholm doesn't have the guts to make this move, the job of Milwaukee Co DA is too big for him, and he needs to be replaced with someone that will bring the crooks to justice- no matter how big these people are.

The time to hesitate is through, and the door is now open to bring these crooks to justice. DO IT.

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