Thursday, November 6, 2008


God, that was a CRUSHING by Obama. Maybe people actually have the sack to get it in America after all. I'm still occasionally yelling when I see him called "President-elect." Now, let's get to hammering these deregulation, tax-cutting fools and bring some reponsibility and growth back to this economy.

To paraphrase Frederick Douglass, "Verily, the work does not end with the abolition of (Bush and the Republicans) but only begins. (Supply-side and simialr foolishness) has been the great hindrance. It has stood athwart the pathway of knowledge and progress, dreading nothing so much as the enlightenment of (Americans). This old and grim obstacle removed, and jets of heavenly light will speedily illumine the land long covered with darkness, cruelty and crime."

Or as Winston Wolf would say, "let's not start sucking each other's dicks yet." Lot of work to clean up, and I have the utmost confidence Barack can get a group together that will do just that. Unfortunately, we still probably have a million more job losses to fight through in the next year or so. Hang on tight.