Monday, August 9, 2010

Stop the frauds

The high level of bullshit coming from D.C. and Sconnie punditry is getting revolting. First off, two D.C. hacks (Charles Cook and Stu Rothenberg) are trying to convince people the Feingold-Johnson race is a "tossup". Their reasoning? Basically landline polls (which as I mentioned earlier are GOP-leaning and bullshit in a same-day registration state like Wisconsin) and that they like the cut of Ronnie's jib. Rothenberg even said he liked Johnson's "straight talk" and Feingold's "act may be wearing thin."

Obviously Stewie hasn't been in Wisconsin, because I see more Feingold stickers than ever 3 months out of the election, and Johnson can't give a straight answer on BP or Afghanistan or concealed carry, or pretty much anything else that doesn't involve cutting taxes. I understand that D.C. pundits and Wisconsin media outlets want a close race, but it really isn't and certainly won't be as people realize RoJo has nothing, even by the low standards of the average Republican. But there's no money in an easy Feingold win, so we can't give that story line from our bought media, now can we? (shakes head)

Paul Ryan got eviscerated by Paul Krugman over the last few days. But why does it take Krugman to step up and point out that Ryan was intentionally leaving out revenue cuts when he claimed his Medicare sellout to insurance companies would reduce the deficit? Because our media values access and stories instead of truth-telling, and so they let these supply-side charlatans like Purty Mouth Paulie get away with his bald-face lies. Because after all, it's hard to get good interviews with someone if you've exposed them as frauds.

There's only 1 place where supply-side and the GOP still have interest- D.C. and East Coast media, because all they want is to have a seat at the table with these snake-oil salesmen at their expense cocktail parties. All this talk about the "national mood" is colored by landline-based polls that give heavy weight to the South. Well, people that sit on their Social Security-receiving backsides listening to Rush every day aren't going to be the ones who decide these elections, people who work and have to deal with this country's future will. And that's why the Dems are in much better shape than what the media wants to admit, because as much as the Dems have been too milquetoast to make serious progress on our big problems, lots of people still HATE the Republicans. And the GOPs aren't helping themselves by their blind loyalty to the Rush/ Sykes crowd. We REALLY can't stand those cynical blowhards.