Tuesday, September 12, 2023

GOP admits defeat on impeachment scheme. Tries new desperate scheme to avoid fair maps

You figured WisGOPs were badly losing in the court of public opinion as they tried to float an idea of impeaching Supreme Court Justice Janet Protasiewicz, to head off her from hearing and deciding a case that would overturn the gerrymandered maps that have allowed Republicans to control the State Legislature for 12 years.

But we didn't know how badly they were losing until this showed up out of nowhere today.

(Quick, let's play that classic WisGOP game of "FIND THE FEMALE!" Look in the 2nd row.)

How do we know this is a panic move after major voter blowback?

So what is an "Iowa style non-partisan redistricting process", which would require the state's Legislative Reference Bureau to draw maps in 2024, and then send it down to the Legislature? Well, let's go into the bill draft and see how the Legislative Reference Bureau describes it.
Iowa law and LRB-4349 set deadlines for key events in the redistricting process. LRB-4349 starts the redistricting process later in the year and sets out a longer timeline. In the event that the legislature fails to pass the initial map proposal, Iowa law requires LSA to produce up to two more proposals; in contrast, LRB-4349 does the same.

The Iowa legislature’s feedback must, to the extent allowed by Iowa’s statutes and the Constitution, be incorporated into the second or third map proposal. If a map proposal is vetoed by the governor, the governor’s feedback must be incorporated into the second or third map proposal. LRB-4349 has similar requirements for incorporating the legislature and governor’s feedback between map proposals....

In Iowa, the legislature is permitted to make “corrective” amendments to the first and second map proposals, but can amend the third map proposal in the same manner as it amends other legislation. Under LRB-4349, the Wisconsin legislature can also make corrective amendments to the first and second map proposals and amend the third map proposal in the same manner as it amends other legislation.

In Iowa, if no map proposal is enacted by September 15, the Iowa Constitution (Art. III, § 35) directs the Iowa Supreme Court to adopt, or cause to be adopted, a redistricting plan for legislative districts. LRB-4349 does not specify a deadline by which a map proposal must be adopted. In addition, the Wisconsin Constitution does not require the Wisconsin Supreme Court to adopt, or cause to be adopted, a redistricting plan.
Oh? The Wisconsin Supreme Court has no role in this? Can't imagine why not!

And sure enough, Vos gave away the real reason this bill was brought up in his hastily-arranged press conference.
The move is aimed at bypassing lawsuits before the state Supreme Court that seek to rewrite the current GOP-favorable maps that were adopted in 2021.

"Hopefully it means that we will take all of the money that has been wasted by the liberal interests suing us over the maps and instead we get to say we don't need to waste those taxpayer dollars because we can adapt the process that has been used flawless wirelessly in Iowa," Vos said Tuesday.
Pathetic and sooo whiny.

And by the way Robbin', an "Iowa-style" redistricting law has obvious flaws. Especially if one party is already in control due to past gerrymandering.

Naturally, the gerrymandered WisGOP Legislature would turn down the Reference Bureau's fairer maps until they get to redraw them again, and nothing changes.

Does WisGOP really think anyone can't see what the real motivation is with this?

Think we're fuckin' stupid, Vos?

Tony Evers isn't stupid, and immediately called out WisGOP's desperate garbage.

If the WisGOPs even try to get this through on Thursday (with no public hearing and no committee action. Always a sign of good legislation), every Dem in the Assembly should say nothing except "YOU LOST. People see through your bullshit, and if you had an ounce of pride, you'd shut up and listen to them."

The WisGOPs are on the run, and it's no time to let up. Crushing these pathetic, scheming WisGOPs into dust and throwing Robbin' Vos, Scott Walker, and all of these other lowlifes into the state's trash bin is the only way this state can advance into the 2020s. Which means full speed ahead on the lawsuit, and fair maps for the 2024 elections is the only solution that is acceptable.

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