Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Yep, Tom Crean = Scott Walker

   After last night's whirlwind comeback by Bucky over the Hoosiers, I think it's time to update something I first spoke about 2 years ago. Indiana (and former Marquette) basketball coach Tom Crean is a whole lot like (Marquette dropout) Scott Walker.

    Here's the original post from 2011, where I noted Crean did very little in Milwaukee with future Hall-of-Famer Dwyane Wade, and Walker can't do anything in Milwaukee without Charlie Sykes. And that both Marquette and Milwaukee County are doing better after they're gone (although Buzz Williams is certainly a bigger upgrade than Chris Abele).

  Here were the steps I listed last year, which included the thoughts that 2014 would be bad years for these guys.

    Now here are the updates.
    1. Both seemed to be riding high in 2013, but with outbreaks of hubris and foolishness that foreshadowed the bad things to come.

    2. Both are seeing things come crashing down in 2014, leaving only hacks, clueless pundits and red Pom-Pom wavers as their only support.

    3. Neither are talented enough to be in the position they're at, and the people in the know recognize them as clueless, classless charlatans.

   4. Both are getting big money based on their poses, and a whole lot of contributors of that cash can't be liking what they're seeing around now.

    5. The biggest difference? IU's deficit-addled program is stuck with Tan Tommy for a while, while Wisconsin can get rid of Walker in 8 months. Looks like us in Wisconsin are the lucky ones in this equation, if we choose to be.

    And as you saw last night, once the Wisconsin folks wake up and bring reality into the equation, neither Tom Crean nor Scott Walker have a response to stem the tide. They'll just try lame tactics to delay or defuse the inevitable (including Crean fouling several times in the last 2 minutes despite being down by 12-15 points, classless).


  1. Off topic, but we've discussed this before. Wondering if the kurfuffle with Johnson and Ryan is one of the reasons Van Hollen passed on John Doe. Seems like a lot of insiders are not happy with the Koch puppet.

  2. Forgot the link.

  3. Jake- Have you seen this?

  4. CJ- I've been in the tropics all week, but yes I caught those stories. Just like with Crean, it's interesting how the dam is starting to break around Walker. It's like the Wisconsin media and the DC powers that be are tired of keeping up the charade on Scotty

  5. I don't know. There's an awful lot of deep pockets up the food chain. They are really pulling out all the stops to drown this investigation. Too much at stake for the dirty money machine. If I were Chishom, I'd get my office. home and phones sweeped for bugs. These guys are serious about making this go away. Any way they can. And hey- bring some of that sunshine back, will ya?