Friday, March 16, 2018

AM radio made Wisconsinites easy marks for the Russians

Who could EVER have seen this coming?

"Stoking racial tension" in Milwaukee? How dare the Russians do that! Don't they know that job is left to KLAN radio 1130 and WGOP 620 in Milwaukee, and 1310 in Madison?

Will Jason Stein and the rest of "legitimate" Wisconsin media start callimg those homegrown hate merchants on the carpet? And will ANY member of WISGOP ever publically distance themselves from that corrosive garbage?

(We know this answer- "Not until the GOP start losing elections due to race-baiting and hate")

Yes, Russian trolls are bad and need to be dealt with. But we also need to take out the trash on our AM radio airwaves that has poised the well in Wisconsin for decades.


  1. Agree. Yes we have first amendment rights and we cannot yell fire ln a theater if there is no fire. Right wing radio is a big part of America’s slide to authoritarian rule.

    I wonder what the connection is between right wing radio and the governor’s office. During Act 10 demonstrations they ( the right wing commentators) seemed to know what was going to happen before it happened. Just sayin.

    1. If you go back to Alec MacGillis' great article from 2014 about how Scott Walker, WisGOP and race-baiting go hand-in-hand, Charlie Sykes said he and Walker texted all the time. And I doubt Char-LIE is the only talk radio host Scotty has talked to off-air.

      I have little doubt that many of those discussions included strategic leaks and messaging discussions- especially where hate radio plays "bad cop" (outwardly racist) and Walker and WisGOP play "good cop" (claiming to be reformers and uplifters).

      I just wish state and national Dems had the guts to file complaints about payola and unreported in-kind campaign donations, so we could see for ourselves how they run this game.

  2. LOL, Okay.

    Russian trolls got Hillary supporters to vote for Trump?

    Find one and post the name for $10,000

    1. Why does anyone run political ads? Why does hate radio exist and get funded by the Bradley Foundation? BECAUSE ENOUGH WEAK-MINDED DOPES GET MOTIVATED BY THEM.

      I'm not really making a deep analysis here. Its pretty damn obvious

    2. By the way, how dumb does the Anonymous poster sound today, as we fund out that Trump/Russia-connected Cambridge Analytica improperly used Facebook profile data to send propaganda to millions of unsuspecting voters.

      It's already obvious that major manipulation of voter's emotions was done illegally in 2016, but that feel a like the tip of the iceberg for what really happened.