Sunday, March 18, 2018

Are we in '73, or '74 these days?

My wife sent this book to me after I brought it up a couple of weeks back. Seems fitting for these times.

I started by reading the end, when Nixon is about to resign,and it describes a meeting between Nixon and White House lawyer J. Fred Buzhardt.
"If they want to put me in jail, let them," Nixon said. "The best writing done by politicians has been done from hail." He mentioned Gandhi.

Brave talk notwithstanding, the President seemed deeply worried. He wanted to sound Buzhardt out on the legal situation. Again he likened himself to Gandhi. If he went to,jail, he would be a sort of political prisoner, he implied. Really, he had been persecuted.

Buzhardt agreed. If any other President had been,investigated so thoroughly, he said, similar or even worse abuses would have been uncovered. If the Republicans had had a majority in Congress, the investigations could have been stopped; the Senate Watergate Committee would never have been established and the House Judiciary Committee would never have begun impeachment hearings. The normal restraint of the press had been relaxed in Nixon's case, because the publishers and editors didn't like him.

Same whiny persecution complex with these crooks, same abuses of power, same desire to cover things up and rig justice, if they have the opportunity to do so.

Republicans in DC haven't changed in 4t years, don't believe otherwise.

The only difference today is that they have a majority in Congress in 2018 to try to slow-walk and suppress the awful truth, and they have a Faux News universe to try to keep enough rubes confused by "alternative facts."

But the GOP is not the majority in America. 54% of those who went to the polls did not vote for Donald Trump in 2016. GOPs have lost 3 seats in the Senate in 2016 and other elections since then, and they also have lost seats in the House in that time.

Combine that with an 8-10 point Dem advantage on the Congressional ballot, and I DARE the GOP to keep covering up Trump-Russia for the next 7 1/2 months.

We are in a repeat of 1973-74. The big question is how far along is Robert Mueller vs Leon Jaworski.

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