Thursday, March 8, 2018

Wisconsin, Walker propaganda fall far short of "gold standard" for jobs (WITH UPDATES)

Quick look at data from today's "gold standard" jobs report, the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (QCEW), that I'll expound more in later posts.

Well, at least we consistently suck. But notice how job growth has been,cut in half since Walker's austerity, "run for president" budget of 2015-17 took effect?

Also noteworthy is how these QCEW numbers are far below what was originally reported for this time period.

Oh, and average wages dropped over the Sept 2016-Sept 2017 time period in Wisconsin. And we STILL have the lowest weekly manufacturing wages in the Midwest, down to 34th out of 49 states reporting.

The downward jobs revisions will likely be part of the annual benchmarking that will show up on Monday's January jobs report for Wisconsin, and that looming reality may explain part of the reason that Scott Walker has been so whiny and snippy on Twitter the last few days - he's losing on Foxconn, and the jobs numbers are getting worse.

It is well past time for this Koched-up experiment to end in Wisconsin. The data is,back, and it shows this RW corporatist crap have FAILED MISERABLY.

EDIT- Let's add in manufacturing as an area where the Walker DWD's estimates were way off vs the QCEW. Back in October DWD sent out campaign literature a press release saying Wisconsin was best in the Midwest for groeing manufacturing jobs between Sept 2016 and Sept 2017, and 2nd in the US for manufacturing jobs added.

The QCEW said otherwise.

10th in the US for job growth, not 2nd
4th in Midwest job growth rate, not 1st
4,616 manufacturing jobs gained, not 12,600

Let's just say I'm not going to automatically accept any good news out of the Walker DWD for the next 8 months.


  1. Just for readers' reference, the "gold standard" description of QCEW data comes directly from Walker himself.

    I will take issue with the part of your first tweet that accuses the Walker admin of cooking the monthly job stats. The monthly job stats survey is a joint DWD-BLS venture, and if the Walker admin were able to cook those then they surely would have cooked them immediately prior to the 2012 recall election when they were showing large 12-month job losses.

    Otherwise, yes, this is nothing but a big pile of suckage for Wisconsin.

  2. It's a joint venture, but boy have the DWD releases become indecipherable from Walker campaign lit. They actually had the chutzpah to release this crap today try to credit Walker for "27 straight quarters of job growth."

    Not mentioned? The US currently having 29 straight quarters of job growth (Thanks Obama!) and Wisconson being in the bottom half of US job growth for the 25 quarters since Act 10 and Walker's first budget was passed.

    1. No argument there. While it's historically typical for DWD releases to highlight the biggest pros of the monthly reports, singing the praises of the Governor isn't. See for example the April 2009 numbers during the Great Recession led with the increases in the not-seasonally adjusted job counts, but did not attempt to credit Doyle as being some kind of miracle worker.