Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tundra still frozen

Kind of surprised I got over the Packer loss as quickly as I did. Suppose it had something to do with the fact that they were outplayed and that in the back of my mind I thought the season might be too good to be true. But it is funny how the media's trying to jump on that Giant "team of destiny" bandwagon. I figure they can keep doing so for another 11 days, when that idea gets shot to hell by halftime of XLII.

Late January means basketball season anyway. I saw Tom Oates writing an article belittling the Badgers for squeaking one out over Michigan to go to 6-0 in the Big Ten against a suspect schedule. I'm sorry Oatsie, but because college basketball is a legitimate sport and not the BCS, I don't care too much about your style points, particularly against a Michigan team that had Manny Harris going Teen Wolf from the outside for much of the game. Good teams fight through substandard efforts to pull out W's at home, and that's what Bucky did last night. As a former Indiana resident with lots to talk on with Boilers and Hoosiers, having huge games against Purdue and IU sure put some extra zest into the next few days. Big stretch in general for UW, as the roadies that follow the IU game are at Minnesota and Iowa, both of which are serious danger games.

Oh, and it's looking like 10 to 15 below air temperature tonight, which kind of kiboshes the karaoke possibilities. My range is limited enough, but cold, dry air really doesn't help the circumstance when I need to go falsetto.

Plus, it's not intelligent recession behavior if I go out 5 or 6 times in aweek (even though it can be fun...). By the way, federal deficit will end up being around $350 billion this year according to the CBO, once war funding and tax rebates are hammered. Folks, it's called the Laffer Curve because not only was the guy named Laffer, but also because it's one sick joke.

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