Friday, December 11, 2009

UW-Marquette quick thought

I was thinking of a big rant on tax structures and the general idiocy of Climategate (it isn't anything except in the Angry Man Radio/ Writer world, and their yapping will only make those of us in the reality community more pissed off and willing to bring the myriads of facts). But I decided the Viagra addicts' act was starting to eat me up from the inside, and since that's what those losers want, I decided to instead do some Christmas gift wrapping, got groceries, and will try out this Point Winter brew.

I will give a few words on tomorrow's UW-Marquette tussle at the Kohl Center. Without being the kiss of death, I like the chances of UW bouncing back at home. Plus, they gave UW-GB their moment of glory for the next decade earlier this week, going with the Wisconsin Idea of having the Madison campus help all corners of the state. This is quite a bit different than the Wells Street cult of displaced FIBs and Sykesists, now isn't it?

Oh, and with that in mind:

Tom Barrett- UW undergrad, UW law.

Scott Walker - Marquette dropout.

It don't happen in a vacuum folks.


  1. Is the angry man radio world any different than the angry guy blogging world?

  2. Mike- Thanks for raising my audience to 4. :P

    Unpaid bloggers actually have to make an effort to do something and create their takes (regardless of their level of silliness). Angry man radio folks are usually reading lines given to them by folks "higher up the chain."

    Now paid bloggers like Paddy Mac and co.? See Angry man radio.