Sunday, November 21, 2010

Brett Favre = Sarah Palin

And before we get ahread of ourselves- we're talking the post- 2004 Brett Favre, not the Packer whose play will get him inducted into the Hall Of Fame 5 years after he finally gets the hint and stays on his tractor.

But let's be honest, the recent Brett Favre is much like Sarah Palin.

1. Makes millions off of an image of small-town true-blooded Americana. This is despite the fact that they have disgusting personal lives that are a reflection of their screwed-up, selfish natures, and have been so rich or empowered for so long that they truly have no idea how the average real person lives. In fact, they are comically clueless on the subject.

2. Have blind supporters who buy into this fake image and cover for their many mistakes and huge levels of failure. They also use surrogates in the media who suck up to them to get "exclusive access" (Favre with ESPN, Palin with Fox News).

3. They never take personal responsibility for their own mistakes, and are more than willing to throw anyone under the bus who gets in their way.

4. Not even close to a team player (check out how little Favre helped Aaron Rodgers after he was drafted) and have petty personal rivalries with anyone they see as a possible competitor.

5. Always try to get even at those who beat them, to the point of childish pettiness (Favre with Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy, Palin with Barack Obama and Lisa Murkowski).

6. Despite all their spectacular failures, has media continue to insist that they are legitimate threats to succeed, and blows smoke up their backsides. This is despite the fact that those who really are in the know rightfully laugh them out of the room, and know they will never get it done when it matters. This is true for the past few years, now, or any time in the future.

7. "Elitist overejukated urbanites" like me who nod and say "We told you so" will never get that admission from the dwindling level of losers that still think their side was right.

AM I WRONG HERE? Yeah, don't think so.

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