Monday, November 21, 2011

Wisconsin jobs vs. U.S., by the pictures

I've been working over the last couple of days at making charts comparing how Wisconsin has fared against the rest of the country in creating jobs since the start of the Obama era, and then overlaying it with the performance under Jim Doyle and Scott Walker. Some of this may be a repeat, but for those of you that are visually inclined, I think you'll like it.

First, you can see the bomb that was dropped on the economy in 2009, with major job losses in the private sector and overall, and how the economy was stabilized and began to recover in 2010.

Wisconsin jobs vs. U.S. Jan 2009-Jan 2011

As you can see, Wisconsin was hurting even more than the country in 2009, but rebounded well in 2010, outperforming the rest of America, and we were nearly all the way back to the national average by the end of this 2-year period.

In fact, Wisconsin was especially picking up under Doyle and the Dems in the manufacturing sector, as their job performance was better than the national average after a good 2010.

Manufacturing 2009-2011, Wisconsin vs. U.S.

a key fact to remember given that Wisconsin was the state with the highest percentage of jobs in manufacturing in 2009, and that we were the only state in America with more manufacturing jobs than government jobs. Before Walker and the "tools" ever existed!

Now here is Wisconsin's jobs performance under Scott Walker. Remember that Wisconsin had been catching up to the U.S. in 2010, under Jim Doyle and the Dems' budget. Check out how things have fared since Walker and the WisGOPs took power, especially after Walker's budget passed and took effect starting in July 2011.

U.S. vs. Wisconsin jobs 2011

Check out that collapse after June! And look at the gap open up between Wisconsin and the rest of the country, with the U.S. staying on steady growth, while Wisconsin has fallen back to where we were at the start of the year. Using that chart and plugging in the numbers, you can safely say that Scott Walker's policies have cost Wisconsin over 22,000 private sector jobs and 21,500 jobs overall.

And one more chart for you. Apparently there's a Koch-fueled ad claiming that Walker has "led a manufacturing-led recovery" with an alleged 30,000 new jobs and 15,000 in manufacturing. Politi-crap said the numbers were half-true 2 weeks ago, but as usual, Politi-crap is falling for Republican spin. In addition to the numbers being woefully out of date (it's now 3,500 jobs added under Walker, not 30,000), Wisconsin is now TRAILING THE U.S. at creating manufacturing jobs under Scotty since the jobs have collapsed under Walker's budget.

2011 Manufacturing growth, Wisconsin vs. U.S.

So now you know the pictures that are making Scott Walker tremble so badly he was sprinting up to Wausau to take credit for a new corporate headquarters that used Doyle-era Democratic-led incentives to decide to come to Wisconsin. Sorry Scotty, you're still losing...BADLY, and we won't continue to allow you to continue to screw up what was working in our state.

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