Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Time for a break...of Pondamonium!

I could give you my thoughts on the polls that came out today in Wisconsin (none of which is surprising, other than Tommy's alleged lead in the Milwaukee-centric Marquette poll), or how I think the Republicans are stalling on #Walkergate to try to make people forget about this governor's clear corruption. But I'm just not feeling it. Not this week.

Especially when I finally get to see these guys tomorrow. And not only is this my favorite song from them, it may well be fitting at the ol' Duck Pond tomorrow.

Yeah, we're all a lot older than we were in 1995, but that doesn't mean this still won't be awesome. It'll also be awesome if I see something like this as well- and given that the Lips shoved their performance back to the evening, I don't doubt that I might.

And then it's onto 1 day of work, and then a Great Taste weekend. Weather even looks like it could cooperate. I'll take it.

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