Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Professor Warren takes CNBC losers to school

I try to avoid watching too much CNBC, because they're right-wing Wall Street suckups masquerading as journalists (as best shown by Jon Stewart's epic takedown of them in 2009). But I do tune in to them in the mornings before I go to work because I like to see a quick financial market picture, and because many economic reports come out around 7:30.

Much to my surprise on Monday, I tuned in around 7:23 to see Senator Elizabeth Warren on there promoting her new bill to reinstate Glass-Steagal regulations, and I immediately decided to stay on CNBC for a while. Then when I saw 3 white guys and a British bubblehead around a table at the studio, headed up by lead CNBC right-wing toolbox Joe Kernan, I knew Professor Warren was about to school these folks in a quite entertaining way. I was not disappointed.

Hilarious how the 3 men on "Squawk Box" thought that they could teach a lesson on how things "really work" to a Harvard Professor who has studied bankruptcy law for more than 40 years and has basically been correct about every step of the financial crisis. The hubris of these douchebags is just remarkable (apparently they think it's still the '60s and we live in "Mad Men" world where women are seen and not heard), which is what makes it all the more fun to see them reduced to "AHHHHH...Continental Illinois...ERRRR...regulation bad....UMMM??" after 2 minutes of Elizabeth Warren's brilliance.

EDIT: Holy crap! CNBC was so embarrassed by Liz's destruction of their talking heads that they took down the video! What wimps!
As usual, Charlie Pierce describes this rhetorical beatdown perfectly.
My god, this is a kicking of the ass. Sooner or later, they're going to realize that you really do have to bring the A-game on this stuff to the Senior Senator, or she is going to smile her Okie smile and the hook is going to come off the jab and, as the great Jimmy Breslin once put it, you will leave the ring in a blanket. She does mean business. Someone should start to believe that.
Yes, she does mean business, and more Dems should talk business like Sen. Warren does.

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