Sunday, March 22, 2015

Grumpy NCAA rant on a gloomy Sunday

As I hang around the house on a cold, dreary Sunday waiting for the Badgers to play tonight, these tweets sort of sum up what I'm thinking right now.

Sports bar industry has to be hating this, too. The way these game times are set up, it's only worth it to get to sports bars to see multiple games after 5pm on Saturday and Sunday, and a whole lot of people aren't going to make that kind of effort. And why the hell are we having games that tip on 9pm on a SUNDAY? So ratings are manufactured to be 2 points higher in prime time? As I mentioned last year, between that and the extra-long TV timeouts, CAN WE STOP THE GREED ALREADY and not chase the last dollar for once, NCAA?

Sorry, just an "old guy" rant that comes to my mind as it's 3:30 and my only option for March Madness is to see Duke hammer on an overmatched San Diego State team in front of a home crowd in Charlotte.

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