Monday, September 21, 2015

Gov "Unintimidated" QUITS

I can't stop smirking and laughing from this news. My immediate reaction to Walker dropping out 4 1/2 months before the first vote is cast?

And this also comes to mind.

In all seriousness, I want to find out what really caused Walker to bail on this thing so early, and so suddenly. Doesn't game theory indicate you at least try to raise money and stay in through the Iowa caucuses just to hang around and end with something resembling respect? To pull the plug tells me something else is about to drop. And it's time to hammer on what that reason really is, and why this buffoon failed.

I just watched this guy's dropout speech, and he may even look worse! He took less than 5 minutes, played victim, claimed he was acting for the "good of the party", whined about the tone of people like Donald Trump, and walked off the podium and out the door without taking questions. What a total loser.

Now, it's not time to let up, but get after this jagbag with even more fervor and truth. Just because he's off the national stage in disgrace it doesn't mean the story is over. In fact, it's now onto the next level- the eradication of this Reign of Error and the restoration of our state as a place worth living in. Time to work even harder on putting this creep into the annals of Joe McCarthy-style "embarrassing Wisconsin history."


  1. Liz Mair (his one-day social media wonder) tweeted "Word is he just avoided getting tied to a very bad story that could well have been coming." She did not elaborate ...

    1. Hmmm. So, does exiting the presidential race prevent this "very bad story" from happening? Or is it still a story, just no longer a national one?

      This probably isn't it, but it sure looks like it's about to hit the fan up at Kestrel in the next 30-60 days or so. A bunch of loans come due in Oct, they're hinting at pulling out of Superior, accusations of incompetence and dishonesty flying in all directions (unlike their airplanes), and some very sketchy goings on with local, state, and FEDERAL money:
      Just saying.

  2. "The money dried up -- and it dried up right after the Cleveland debate, and we never could get it back," a source close to Walker said of the August 6 debate.

    1. That reminds me of the several stories I saw as Walker collapsed where he constantly seemed obsessed about what the donors thought, and never cared about what people did. He was always about the interest of the monied and connected interests.

      And without having the megaphone of Wisconsin AM radio to cast enough noise on this puppet to distract enough dopes, he had nothing else. Now, we have to make sure he stays this exposed on the local level.