Saturday, December 10, 2016

Today's GOP has no bottom

In the wake of yesterday's revelations that the CIA is openly saying that the Russians intervened in the US presidential election to help Donald Trump "win", I noticed this alarming part of the Washington Post's story, which was tweeted out by the Post's Greg Sargent.

There is only one word that comes to mind to describe McConnell's refusal to investigate the Russians' interference in the election. TREASON. What true patriot wouldn't want to find out if our elections gave a fair result, and wouldn't want to find out if a foreign country interfered? Only someone who is a win-at-all-costs Koch whore who cares more about POWER than democracy would pull an act like that, and I have to wonder if Trump's appointment of McConnell's wife to be his Secretary of Transportation is related to McConnell's desire to block this investigation.

Actually, I do have a second word that comes to mind when reading about McConnell's act- PROJECTION. I recall another close election that was in the process of being disputed and settled a few years ago- the Wisconsin Supreme Court race in 2011 between JoAnne Kloppenburg and David Prosser. Remember what the John Doe documents revealed was going on behind the scenes in WisGOP land, on Election Night, when it appeared Kloppenburg was ahead by a couple hundred votes and the right-wingers were going to lose their Supreme Court majority?

Let me remind you of this exchange between ex-Assembly Speaker/convicted criminal Scott Jensen and MMAC lobbyist (and GOP hack) Steve Baas.

Jensen replied minutes later.

"Yes. Anything fishy should be highlighted. Stories should be solicited by talk radio hosts," Jensen wrote.
On a related note, look at this bit of pretzel logic that they're trying out in Michigan, where Republicans are trying to install voter ID and other suppression measures in a lame-duck session.

So in GOP-World, the only election results that should be suspicious are ones where Democrats win, but when GOPs win? "Nope! Nothing to see here, why worry about what has happened? Let's instead worry about what MIGHT happen (especially if such a situation might benefit Dems or hurt GOPs)."

Republicans lie, they cheat, and would you be at all surprised if they were stealing? They're definitely winning elections where a sizable amount of voters make their selections under false information, but somehow those GOP politicians that are elected under such faulty circumstances aren't supposed to held accountable by the people who pay their taxpayer-funded salaries.

Today's GOP needs to be treated as the mobsters that they are. They have no legitimacy, and should be given no quarter, and no respect.


  1. WHAT CAN BE DONE??? How do we stop this GOP criminals take over?

  2. Walker and his cronies have killed Wisconsin. Proof of his illegal finance emails made public-AND NOTHING IS BEING DONE? IT'S CRIMINAL! PLEASE!
    Someone put this creep weasel in jail.

    1. Ordinarily I'd say get federal prosecutors or local DAs to go after fraud and money-laundering offenses. But I can't see them having the money or the guts to do so, and I bet Obama and co wuss out on any treason or sabotage charges as well.

      See, the problem is that too many Dems "trust the system" and don't want to push things with a show trial or a timely leak. GOPs don't bother with such things as proper procedure, fairness or rule of law, and so far have been rewarded by such thuggery.

      It's time for Dems to recognize that the rules and the game have changed. And the people need to recognize it as well.

  3. Even avoiding the most likely assumptions - the DNC and the Clinton campaign were hacked. No question there. Now if you're doing that job anyway, why would you not also target the other side. Sure you want to tip the election, but it would be infinitely more beneficial to have something to hold over the head of the winner as well.

    Once you've bellied up to the buffet and engaged in some pretty serious espionage, there's no damn sense whatsoever in taking half a loaf. We need to seriously consider that whomever sunk Clinton can also sink Trump.

    The Trump faction will make sure it goes very, very badly for a long time, but I think the electoral college needs to invalidate this election and chuck it over to the House. Let them select Sean Duffy for all I care. We can survive a bad President. I'm not at all sure about a President whose only loyalty is to himself and the people (likely Russians) who could destroy him.

    1. I agree with all of this. Bad people cover all bases and know that blackmail is one of the best weapons to have. Which sure makes you wonder why Lyin' Ryan and Trump aren't calling for investigations into this, while claiming that it would be a big deal if hacking happened. Guess they don't care that much...or are they scared?

      I agree that the Electoral College needs to veto Trump- he's clearly not up to handling the job and his Cabinet/advisor picks are toxic. Grab Jon Huntsman or even flipping Mit Romney out of the crowd, and we will be likely to see the nation survive, with a president that at least cares somewhat about what might happen.

      Trump doesn't seem to know how our laws work, doesn't seem interesting in finding out, and he doesn't care who is hurt as long as he gets to be on top. And sadly, far too many GOPs clearly feel the same way, starting with McConnell and Ryan.