Saturday, January 28, 2017

Ye shall be known by the company you keep

Well, it looks like our Governor is feeling better after hiding from the media coming down with a "cold" as the scathing LAB audit on the state's horrible roads came out.

Nice timing to hang out with these guys as they shred the Constitution. Scotty's such a class act! Such a core of morality and strength!

By the way, who's paying for this previously unannounced trip out to DC, and the state bodyguards that are likely accompanying Scotty? Is it the oligarch donors to the Republican Governors Association, who paid for Walker and his family to curse the Packers' sidelines in Atlanta last Sunday?

Had enough of this amoral, self-absorbed crap representing our state? I'm well past "enough", myself.


  1. Skippy ran to Trump's side to help him stand up to the protesters just like Mr. Unintimidated. He is still hoping to get offered a job (Ooo pick me, pick me) so he can leave the mess he created here behind.

    1. And here I thought it was to teach him how to navigate through tunnels...

  2. I don't think this is about a Walker job.

    They're talking to Walker about how to drop bombs, specifically on National Right-to-Work (already in Congress) and probably a giant overhaul of federal employee protections and employment conditions.

    Trump likes to fire people.