Monday, April 3, 2017

Turnout and other April pre-election numbers

A few figures that I found from the last time Tony Evers ran for State Superintendent in April 2013, courtesy of the Wisconsin Elections Commission.

Total votes 796,511
Total Counties won by Evers- 69 of 72
Margin of victory for Evers- 178,080 (+22.5%)

The Wisconsin Elections Commission is projecting 13-18% turnout tomorrow. If we reach 18%, that would be just over 800,000 votes, so 2013's totals seem to be a good baseline to measure against. With that in mind, let's see where the top turnout counties were for that 2013 election.

Top voting counties, 2013
Dane 10.69%
Waukesha 8.71%
Non-City Milwaukee Co. 6.79%
City of Milwaukee 5.98%
Brown 3.68%
Racine 3.37%
Washington 2.93%
Outagamie 2.91%

Obviously, local elections will be a factor in which places turn out, both for elected offices, and for the 71 school referenda questions that are going to be on the ballot. But one place that seems to be ready to turn out is the City of Madison, as their City Clerk reports as much early voting as they saw last April, which a much bigger election than we had in 2013.
The City of Madison issued a total of 5,325 ballots to in-person absentee voters for the April 4 Spring Election. That total is just 225 ballots less than the number of absentee ballots cast in person for the 2016 Presidential Primary.

The City Clerk’s Office has issued 8,930 absentee ballots for this election, including absentee ballots sent by mail and absentee ballots cast at absentee voting locations throughout the city. There are 1,652 absentee ballots that have yet to be returned to be counted. Election Day is the deadline for the Clerk’s Office to receive absentee ballots.
I'm not going to count on Dane County registering 233,000 votes tomorrow like they had in April 2016, but even getting half that amount would be an improvement of more than 30,000 compared to 2013. And they won't be voting for the Betsy DeVos wanna-be that's opposing Evers, that's for sure.

So yes, the turnout signs seem to be good, but I thought that from the strong early voting totals in blue areas last November, and you saw how THAT turned out. So let's make sure we all get out there and vote for Evers in big numbers, and send the sign that this privatization garbage and disrespect for our schools won't be tolerated any more.


  1. Turnout figures at about 16% - might climb a little but probably not much. Good sign in the strong win for Evers and most of the school referendums passing easily.

    Do you think the Dems sat out the Supreme Court race to keep things uninteresting for Republicans and give Evers a leg up?

    I'm trying to figure out why they wouldn't at least get a name on the ballot for Supreme Court.

    1. Yes, I think you pretty much have described the Dems' "strategy." Given that statewide turnout was less than 2013, that theory seems to have worked.

      On the flip side, Dane County actually increased turnout by about 20%, and had more votes than any county in the state INCLUDING Milwaukee. So maybe the Dems should realize there's some heat here.