Saturday, June 3, 2017

Thoughts from the convention hall

Been at the DPW convention for the last 2 days. Been fun, and now waiting in line to cast votes in a packed ballroom.

My votes- Bryan Kennedy for DPW Chair (close one over Laning) and Khary Penebaker for DNC (Luke Fuszard is good, and has a definite future, but Khary is the real deal, and he knows how the DNC needs to improve on the local, red voting areas).

Had a chance to meet quite a few elected officials and candidates,and catch up with others, including someone I first met in Witte Hall 25 years ago. This is cool in itself, but more amazing is that some of these people actually read this page, which still blows my mind. (apparently I am big in Oshkosh).

Feels like the shock and anger many of us felt in late 2016-early 2017 has gone away, and I think this chair election will get things going ahead, which a lot of us are ready to move onto. People are already counting the days till 2018. Convention has been jam-packed all weekend

I'll give an extra plug to State Sen. Janet Bewley, a take-no-crap, heartfelt woman who deserves more face time in state news. Bewley had a great line about how the dual encourages of "meth and no Medicaid" are crippling things in Northern Wisconsin, and that the residents of the 715 are going to be sorely disappointed by Trump and Walker by November 2018.

Bewley said she was running for re-election for her Senate seat in 2018, but she's be the type of candidate Dems need to win up North, and send Dimwitted Duffy back to the Real World.

Also, Drumpf's decision to back out of the Paris climate pact has given the group a bigger boost to kick the GOP out in 2018, and climate change was a big applause-getter in LA Mayor Eric Garcetti's speech to the group (that guy is cool and smooth as they come).

Well, still waiting to vote. I'll put together more thoughts at a later time.

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