Sunday, November 19, 2017

11-0! Fun times in the Mad City

That was a lot of fun to watch yesterday. Yeah, it made for a long Saturday due to the 11am kick, but that's a mere trifle when Bucky comes through like that. And by the time UW had taken a 21-10 lead after 3, the Camp was rocking.

It's been an enjoyable ride, and the last 2 games in particular have been very gratifying (it's fun to watch a team physcially dominate like UW does). And THEY'RE NOT DONE YET.


  1. They really work as a team, as Paul Chryst wants, and look at the result! They're rated #5, but the national championship limits to the chosen top 4 teams.

    I also follow NASCAR somewhat, as I was acquainted with Carl Kiekhaefer, who was the king of NASCAR in 1955-56, a huge innovator in the sport. Since then, Matt Kenseth has been a great consistent racer, though NASCAR seems to change the rules to favor others: the exact problem that Kiekhaefer faced from the France's southern bias back then.

    Bless UW, it's football team, and they really deserve to be part of the national championship equasion.

    1. I'm not concerned with the rankings that much right now. If UW wins these next 2 games, they will be in the playoffs. Miami and Clemson play each other, so someone will lose. And likely someone else in the top 4 will as well.

      So just win baby.