Friday, March 22, 2019

Walker abused nationally on redistricting

Our fair ex-Guv has a new gig. And he got a lot of national attention on his first day.

Yes, ex-Guv Dropout is a lying partisan hack. But what's even more disgusting is the low opinion they have of voters as they try to slip this BS through.

Fortunately, Scotty got exposed nationally yesterday while losing in Wisconsin courts on his Power Grab. And if the WisGOPs want to play "victim" for being held accountable for their silliness, we need to be driving the nails into their cross.


  1. I'm handing out free hammers to sane Wisconsinites.

  2. “It’s truly astonishing how badly he wants to end democracy.” I don’t know who Stephen Wolf is, but I have never read a more perfect description of Scott Walker.

    Yes, it’s fun to snicker and make fun of Walker’s many absurdities...his disgusting half-eaten food pics, his unintelligible word salads, his fake hunting and fishing enthusiasm, and even things over which he has no control like his bald spot and creepy misaligned eyes. But the fact of the matter is that Scott Walker is a dangerous, amoral extremist who craves power and will do ANYTHING his corporate masters ask of him—no matter how cruel, immoral and outright illegal—with a wink and a smile.

    Yes, we here in Wisconsin kicked him to the curb in November, but I’m sorry. I absolutely refuse to relax and believe we have seen the last of him. As long as he has air in his lungs, this conniving snake will work tirelessly to regain the power he desperately craves. Somehow this dropout managed to get himself elected to public office for over 20 years, and he’s only 51. He truly does want to end democracy, and he will never stop kissing up to the many rich people who will give him money to do just that.

    1. Agree that Walker and most Republicans have little use for democracy these days, especially if the will of the people goes against them.

      A big mistake people make is that they assume Republicans are playing by the rules of fair play and just have a difference in policy with the other 2/3 of us. That's not true. They are playing a different game that has no respect for rules or accountability (unless they can be imposed on the opposition). And they have no level of shame, so they will not correct themselves out of self-reflection, and facts are secondary to spin.

      Amoral scum like Walker only care about 2 things "How can I benefit?", and "How does this benefit my friends or hurt my opponents (both of which benefit me)?" Everything else is minor detail.

      The only way you stop these grifters are by jackhammering them into dust. Especially because too few voters have the guts to say "ENOUGH! GET OUT AND STAY OUT!", regardless of what party the lowlifes have next to their names.

  3. There is no actual human being hiding in the hide of the creature known as Scott Walker. The creature has learned to ape human behaviors, albeit poorly and superficially, but the absence of sentience and intelligence in its eyes only exposes the raw reptilian rapaciousness that is its only reason for existence and its only motivation. Such naked avarice, coupled with the creature’s undisguised contempt of human qualities, invariably repels more evolved species.

    This “new” Scott Walker, this “version” 2.0, babbles the same word salad, and remains so transparently a puppet that you can see the strings that make his pie hole flap. Follow the strings up and you’ll find the same old puppet masters making him dance the same old spastic dance. What a Koch-addled doppelganger.

    I might put the Republican revulsion for democracy it in stronger terms, and say that the sociopathic idiots actively espouse Fascism in all but name.

    Run down the list of this Administration’s bootlickers, turds and pretzel-logic pukers and you cannot, absolutely cannot, find a redeeming quality or evidence of genuine commitment to public service in a single one of them. Not a one.

    Such a concentration of self-absorbed sociopaths is congenitally predatory, congenitally greedy, congenitally arrogant, congenitally ignorant, and incapable of any cognition that is not completely contingency-based. Small wonder the idiots have no grasp of their congenital hypocrisy and the cloying hollowness and emptiness of their petty, grasping “lives.”

    Witness Betsy De Vos, a quasi-human creature with a cranial density exceeding that of lead, capable of nothing other than self-enrichment, scorning her oath of office, abusing her post as Education Secretary to foment educational failure and angling to profit, monetarily profit(!), from the failure she induces. You can’t make this shit up! And she’s just one of many in this cabal.

    This Administration is a septic tank. Walker is a failed attempt to imitate human life.

    1. "A failed attempt to imitate human life" is a tremendous description of Walker, as well as so many other GOP sociopaths.

      They really don't operate on the plane that most of us do. They creep far lower.