Sunday, November 24, 2019

MU Poll pt. 2, impeachment figures show same BS shift

The first thing I want to say about last week's Marquette Law Poll that claimed 53% of Wisconsinites "opposed impeachment" is that any look into the poll's crosstabs illustrated a major challenge for those who think law-breaking deserves impeachment. Notably, that a large amount of Wisconsinites are dealing with very different sets of "facts," something that wasn't lost on the Chairman of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.

Granted, that poll was taken before last week's events, so maybe a few other people are stepping out of their Bubble of BS and realizing just how bad the Trump/GOPs are.

But leaving that aside, there were other parts of the MU Poll that is making me annoyed, because it seems to give a false narrative to the public. It's worth pointing out that the MU Poll asked about impeachment and removal , which is a notably higher standard than either starting impeachment proceedings, or just asking whether the House should impeach. Some people may say “No” to removal simply because they think the GOP Senate won’t do it. It’s a bad reason, but a lot of people don’t even know the difference between impeachment and removal.

I’ll add that the impeachment/removal numbers have a suspicious shift that is similar to what we saw in the head-to-head matchups for president. If you take the MU Law polls at face value, you’d have to believe that anti-Trump demographics turned against impeachment in the first half of November.

Should Trump be impeached and removed from office?

Oct 2019 91-6
Nov 2019 80-10

Age 18-44
Oct 2019 48-46
Nov 2019 38-53

Do we really believe that the groups that dislike Trump the most moved 15 points against impeachment in a month? I sure don't believe it.

Ironically, the GOP-leaning “true independents” (a group that magically moved as much as 10-15 points toward Trump in the head-to-head matchups with Dems) moved toward impeachment.

"True Independents"
Oct 2019 33-55
Nov 2019 36-47

I think you need to wait until next week to get an idea on what impact this week’s developments may have had on public opinion in Wisconsin, so the poll was already somewhat irrelevant by the time it was released. But these shifts make no sense, and are either crazy outliers, or a cynical attempt by the Bradley Foundation Marquette Law School to manipulate media into a meme of “the public has turned against impeachment.”

Don’t buy what they’re trying to sell, and trust your eyes and ears over what others tell you. Because the GOPs’ best weapon right now is their propaganda networks and the resulting Bubble of BS, which the tactic they have to take to fight impeachment, as the independent facts of the case are not on their side.


  1. The latest MULS "poll" satisfies the definition of "conclusions-that-aren't- even-the-result-of-any-search-for-evidence."

  2. This "poll" is total, utter BS. Whatever credibility MU had, is now gone forever. Thanks for pointing it out, Jake. They're not fooling anyone. Let's wait for real polls from Wisconsin over the next weeks/months from actual reputable pollsters.