Sunday, October 24, 2021

Make no mistake. WisGOPs are fine with overturning the 2024 election

If you are under any illusions that Wisconsin Republicans would gladly overturn the choice of Wisconsin's voters in 2024, they should be gone after what we've seen in the last 10 days.

The first example came from this gaffe from the person who (for now) is the leading candidate to get the GOP nomination for Governor next year.

If you get asked "Would you allow the Legislature to overturn elections results?", and your immediate answer is not "NO!"? That's a yes, Becky. You'd gladly allow the election to be overturned. Duly noted.

The other confirmation comes from a larger article in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel on WisGOP plans to try to pass laws to make it tougher to vote. That these guys would try to suppress the vote as an offshoot of the Big Lie is no surprise, but this part at the end of the article grabbed my attention.
Republicans are also considering requiring a two-thirds vote by the Elections Commission to approve presidential results. Now, only the chairperson of the commission confirms the results.

The commission consists of three Republicans and three Democrats.
What that means is that if all 3 Republicans (let's say) refused to certify the results of the presidential vote, it would get thrown to the gerrymandered GOP Legislature. And guess who they would say won the election, no matter what the voters of Wisconsin said?

Governor Tony Evers would doubtlessly veto such a bill (reason #586970 to be thankful Evers beat Scott Walker in 2018). But the WisGOPs may try to get around that by either:

1. Making the change an amendment to the state Constitution, which would require both houses of the Legislature to pass it in both this session and in 2023. Then it would (theoretically) go to the voters in April 2024, to be put in effect by November.

2. Getting more members of the GOP into the Legislature after 2022, so they have 2/3 majorities to override Evers if he's re-elected. That would require the WisGOPs to pick up 5 seats in the Assembly and 1 more in the Senate next year. While that situation is unlikely to happen in the same election Evers wins, they're definitely thinking of it, which helps explain why these guys revealed Gerrymander 2.0 last week.

The Wisconsin GOP is already doing whatever they can to avoid having the wishes of Wisconsin voters be what decides the state's 10 electoral votes in 2024, along with who "represents" the voters in Capitols in both Madison and Washington, DC.

Know this, and punish accordingly.

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