Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Ron Johnson - buffoon and accomplice to 1/6's plot

I was expecting that there would be some Wisconsin connections mentioned in today's hearing of the January 6th Committee. Especially since this meeting was focusing on the scheme to use state officials to overturn the election, and we know that Wisconsin Republicans sent a fake slate of electors to DC as part of the plot to overturn the election.

But I wasn't expecting this.


And this wasn't some random coffee boy trying to talk big game. This guy is Ron Johnson's Chief of Staff, and had worked 5 other years for RoJo before spending a year in Trump World.

Nice ALEC gig right out of college, by the way. It's a Big Club, and we ain't in it.

As part of today's hearing, WisGOP state officials were playing dumb about what was going on between November 2020 and January 2021, and claimed it was a White House production. Including this hilarious moment.

Sen. Johnson's staff quickly went into deflection mode.

Does that make a lick of sense to you? Me neither.

And then RoJo himself ran into CNN reporter (and UW grad) Manu Raju and other Capitol reporters, and after being called out for faking a phone call (!), tried the same "I know nothing" BS.

Because who among us hasn't passed along an unvetted package to the VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES on a day the potential for violence and tension was already high?

Oh, and let me remind you that on January 6, 2021, the Chair of the Senate's Homeland Security Committee was....Ron Johnson. And he's randomly just sending documents over to the VP's office without knowing what it is? Give me a f_ing break.

I had always figured Ron Johnson was fine with the plot to overturn the election, given that he was hanging with the My Pillow guy and threatening to vote against certifying the results of the election before 1/6.

What's amazing is that I wasn't expecting RoJo to be the WisGOP member of Congress that got named as being in on the plot today. The Chair of the Wisconsin Dems for the 5th Congressional District reminds us of another evil prick that helped this scheme along.

And also don't forget this part in the lower chamber of the Legislature, and how it comes back around to our senior US Senator.

I want subpeonas and perp walks for these scumbags. By the 4th of July. There's more than enough here.


  1. Jake, please remove the word “buffoon” from your headline. Ron Johnson isn’t a buffoon, he just plays one on TV. Especially when he’s denying knowledge of immoral or illegal acts, which is pretty much his entire career. He reminds me of Sergeant Schultz in the old TV show Hogan’s Heroes: “I know nothing!! NOTHING!!” Every time Schultz said that, he wasn’t being a buffoon, even though everyone laughed. He DID know what Hogan and the gang were up to; he was just denying culpability. Just like Johnson. Two differences: 1.) Hogan and his gang were the good guys and 2.) Johnson doesn’t just know about it, he directs it.

    Minnesconsin Tom

    1. Don't forget it was State Senate leader Scott Fitzgerald, now Wisconsin 5th District Congressman, who reserved the room in the State Capitol for the fake electors to meet and forge the fraudulent documents. Can't help but wonder under whose orders he reserved the room.

  2. I am well familiar with Fitz's role in this - the post was just too long to bring that part of it in. But yes, Fitz needs to be called up to the stand to answer why he gave room at the Wisconsin Capitol to the fake electors, and if he voted against certification because it was part of the plot.