Saturday, March 25, 2023

Time to renew the WMC LIST OF SHAME

The state's "business leaders" sure seem afraid that their free pass to pollute and suppress wages will end if we get a Supreme Court "Justices" that doesn't owe their seats to WMC dark money.

Oh joy! More racist BS crime ads from an organization that really doesn't care about crime issues, in an attempt to elect someone to a Supreme Court that doesn't hold criminal trials.

And before some GOP hack chimes in with "But....Janet has so much money from donations!" - We can track where all of those donations to Protasiewicz came from, and who ponied up the money. WMC members don't have the guts to allow us to know the same about them.

WMC also hides the names of their member businesses and local big fish, small pond mediocrities Chambers of Commerce that make up their organization, because they do sleazy garbage like this. So all we can do is connect the businesses to the members of WMC's events and leadership.

The first involves businesses who help to sponsor propaganda events for school children and other PR BS through WMC's charitable "Foundation".

Oh hey, my bank's on there. Cool, cool. Good thing I don't have anything beyond my meager checking account with them.

The other source we can use is to look at who makes up the Board of Directors at WMC, since they have to sign off on spending these millions of corporate tax cuts and govt subsidies profits on these garbage ads. Naturally, they haven't updated this information in 3 years, as confident, decent "business groups" do.
Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce (WMC) – the state’s largest and most influential business association – elected Kwik Trip Vice President Steve Loehr as Chairman of its Board of Directors on Thursday. Loehr will serve a two-year term and has been an active member of the Board since 2015.

“WMC is an effective advocate for the business community and a respected thought leader on Wisconsin’s economy,” said Loehr. “I have been honored to serve on the Board and look forward to continuing to bring our state’s business leaders together to continue our work to make Wisconsin the most competitive state in the nation.”

Waupaca Foundry, Inc. President, COO & CEO Mike Nikolai was also elected to a two-year term as Vice Chairman, while Teel Plastics, Inc. Chairman & CEO Jay Smith assumed the role of Immediate Past Chairman. Reelected to their posts as officers of the WMC Board are Gina Peter, an Executive Vice President at Wells Fargo Bank and Barbara Nick, President & CEO of Dairyland Power Cooperative, who will serve as Treasurer and Secretary respectively.
Spend or boycott as appropriate, folks. Especially when the WMC lowlifes decide that being puppetmasters of power is more important than not having a state that treats women as second-class citizens or has free and fair elections with a representative Legislature.


  1. Jake-Thank you for publishing how much WMC is spending to keep Wisconsin a Right Wing Dictatorship where businesses are free to pollute, women have zero control of their bodies, and most importantly, Wisconsin businesses will be able to continue paying the lowest wages in the Midwest. All reasons why we continue to advocate for teachers to flee Wisconsin.

  2. It’s especially telling that WMC can never run ads talking about the real reason they want to control the Court and keep the GOP gerrymander going. Instead they deflect onto non-issues like crime (while not demanding gun control, even as “gun violence” is often what people mean by “crime”), and other social issues that they don’t care about at all.

    And when a group is that shady/shitty, you should run away from everything they are involved in. These mediocre failsons do not have a clue about what really works in the 2020s economy.


  3. Feel bad for you, kiddo, you been duped by the ol' union/dem knob-slobbering crowd. Do they give you a pat on your widdle head and a cold juice box when you make one of these posts? Come on, son, it's time to move into the real world and see if you can make it out there. Maybe give that pathetically small checking account some company... Me, today I spent some money at Kwik Trip and Menards, two GREAT Wisconsin companies!

  4. Awww, look at the GOP staffer who sees the free, gerrymandered ride to his phoney-baloney job coming to an end. And unlike you, nobody pays me or tells me what to post.

    Those companies don’t create much these days, and take a whole lot more away from this state than they give (Kwik Trip and Menard’s have killed a lot of hometown businesses in this state).

    That is the real world, kid. And the Real Wisconsin generally recognizes it, which is why WMC can’t run ads that tell people what they want out of their puppet politicians and “Justices.”

    Enjoy the L next week. Trash like you should convince all of us to crush, and not coast for these last 8 days.