Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Republicans may be a MAGA party, but it's not a MAGA Nation

On a day where high temperature records were broken in many parts of the state, the heat is definitely getting turned up in Milwaukee.

Oh wait, you're asking aboout that other event in Milwaukee tonight? Yeah, I'm not watching that. I'm going to try to avoid any Twitter mentions of the GOP debate as well, because it will likely make me dumber.

Of course, a big part of the story is who is NOT at the debate, and how his cult won't get to hear "the truth" from their Dear Leader from the stage. Which was reflected in this widely-discussed poll finding.

Remember, this is 71% of the 25% or so of American voters who would vote for Trump in a GOP primary. Or about 18% overall – which seems about right. Around 1 in 5 Americans would believe the moon was made of cheese if the right person told them that, or if “the libs” told them it wasn’t.

This math also means that we have one of our two major political parties held hostage by the 18%ers who make up a large portion of their primary voters, and who are needed to turn out to help GOPs win in many places. Since Republicans can’t win on their ideas with most voters, they have to distract and stir up the rubes with non-troversies and other loudmouth crazy BS.

The problem for Republicans is that in states that are anywhere near close, MAGAts drive another group of moderate and/or low-info/interest voters toward Democrats. Which is why Dems overperformed and won in almost every contested statewide race in swing states across America in 2022, including Wisconsin.

But that still doesn’t make it pleasant when we see GOP idiocy continue because they care more about GOP voters than the mainstream of America. It causes much of the inertia and dysfunction that lingers over this state and country, and “inspires” morons and lowlifes into thinking they can bully and annoy everyone else.

Which is why I say “screw em”. They don’t decide November elections, and they aren’t worth wasting your time to talk to or listen to. Which helps explain why they’re Trump Trash, doesn’t it? Because they are SOFT and don’t have the guts to deal with the world as it exists, and certainly won’t listen to anyone outside “the circle” who would tell them about the outside world.

So all we can do is mock them and show bystanders that MAGAts are clowns that should be ignored and avoided by all measures. And crush them in elections to the point that Republicans don’t dare play footsie with these lowlifes ever again, because it hurts them more than it helps.


  1. While ignoring the MAGA Trump trash is great policy on the macro level, there are large areas of Wisconsin where the MAGA trash makes up the majority of the population. For teachers in Wisconsin, it is literally career suicide to teach in these areas where MAGA Hillbillies fill the school boards and make up most of your neighbors. One perceived slight, such as forgetting to include Fox News as a source for a term paper in a classroom discussion, and teachers in MAGA Wisconsin have been fired immediately.

  2. Hillbillies in Urban Waukesha County, all sponsored by the Republican Party of Waukesha County's WisRed initiatives.