Tuesday, June 4, 2024

FINALLY, fake electors schemers indicted in Wisconsin. But I would hope there's more

I feel ya, Gov. Although I'd add in a side order of "WHAT TOOK SO GD LONG, JOSH?"

And only getting the 3 lawyer scumbags isn't nearly enough. There are still 10 WisGOPs that signed onto that fraud, and no Andrew Hitt, giving this act on national TV isn't going to make it OK.

Oh? Is that why you gladly went along with this scheme to override the choice of the voters of Wisconsin? The criminal complaint against Chesebro, Troupis and Roman lays out how the fake elector plan was intentionally done as a pretext to throw the election results into "dispute" for Congress on January 6, and wasn't a contigency plan in case some court bought the Trump folks' BS.

It is nice to think that some of these lowlifes might be perp-walked in my town in a few months. But this can't be all we get, either. And it never should have taken this long.

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