Saturday, December 10, 2011

Nope, Walker's moves don't work- Pt. 23521

The failures just keep rolling in on this clown. James Rowen has an excellent find showing the monthly Federal Reserve report that lists Wisconsin DEAD LAST among the states in economic activity, and in clear recession over the last 3 months.
And it looks even worse when you see what it looked like when Walker was elected in November under "growth-killer" Jim Doyle.
In fact, the Fed says Wisconsin's economy grew in every month from October 2009 through the start of 2011. And while things were starting to slow down, we will still holding up when Walker's budget passed in June.
Now, we're back down to where we were in March, before Act 10 was passed in that illegal vote. And don't believe for a second that the past isn't prologue. So unless you like being Number 50 in the nation, I think it's well past time to pull the plug.

And speaking of the past being prologue, a hidden story in the J-S this week includes the Milwaukee County Auditor admitting that Walker's handling of employee relations in his previous job was a miserable failure.
Milwaukee County’s use of unpaid employee furloughs last year to help balance the budget saved the county about $5.2 million, but resulted in thousands of hours of lost employee work time, forced overtime and demoralized employees, County Auditor Jerome Heer said Thursday.

The savings also could be nearly wiped out if the county loses a court case over furloughs, Heer said.

"These furloughs were not all they were cracked up to be," he told supervisors. "It’s a very inefficient way to achieve savings."

Doesn't this sound like the Wacky-hut screw-up all over again? You know, where Milwaukee County taxpayers got socked with paying more than they would have had they just kept the same unionized staff on the job? I've touched on this before, but furloughs only work if the reductions are intended to be short-term items that get a budget back in balance due to unexpectedly low revenues. It is NOT to be used as a consistent tactic, and if benefit costs and structural deficits are the issue (as they allegedly were in Milwaukee County), and the jobs are still needed (which they apparently were, because Walker would have demanded layoffs instead of furloughs if they weren't), then the best answer is to be an adult and NEGOTIATE A BETTER DEAL.

And just like he did as Governor in Madison, Walker failed to do this, possibly because he doesn't have the mental capabilities to think past what'll play in the next 5 minutes on the Charles Sykes show. And just like in Madison, this dictatorial approach backfired badly, but not before serious damage was done to the area he was in charge of.

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