Sunday, May 31, 2020

The morning after some bad folks tried to vandlize my town

I'm angry at how a small group of punk kids and other outside agitators took attention away from hours of peaceful protests in my town against police brutality. Just the way that the right wing "divide and conquer" crowd likes it.

And it's not just in Madison that bad people from Wisconsin are using righteous protest as a shield to cause problems.

It's reminimiscent of the types of dopes who would wreck things during the Mifflin Street Block Party in the '90s and 2000s, most of whom weren't UW students. But I also know that my great city isn't going to let this stand, and sure enough, folks are already at work in repairing the damage.

Going ahead, keep your eyes and ears open, and be aware of people who seem to care more about causing trouble vs caring about our social and economic inequities. Especially if they look like these clowns.

Breaking stuff distracts from the destructive disparities and racism that got us into this mess, and the impunity that law enforcement and other powerful members of society are allowed to operate with. Don't let others have an excuse to avoid these issues.


  1. I object to the VanEgren tweet: "The morning after peaceful #GeorgeFloyd rally in Madison got violent." The protest didn't get violent. Some people got violent because they thought they could get away with it by blaming those who were properly protesting police brutality.

    1. Valid point. It seems like 2 separate, barely-related events. And Madison Police had two entirely different responses in the late PM/evening vs earlier in the day.

      Seems like we need to know more about who did this and why it happened. Both in Madison, and nationwide.